How Do I Sell A Business If Business Is Not Ready?

Nov. 10, 2020


James got the bad news when he was 58.  He learned that he was a victim of high-risk health condition that was projected to worsen over time and at one point, debilitate him and shortly thereafter cause death. Immediately upon leaving the doctor’s office, he knew he had to either find someone to run his agriculture service business or sell the business, quick.  With the sale of the business, his wife would not have to worry about running the business in his absence or rely on a family member to do the same. His family would be financially secure. But …


Trusted Advisor: Close The Deal And Transition Your Client's Business To The New Owner

Nov. 3, 2020


As your clients’ trusted advisor, and with the assistance of the Mavrek software platform - you have guided your client to within sight of the finish line of arguably one of the most important transactions of their business career – the sale of their business.


It took some time taking the client through each step of the deal and now you and your client are ready to close the deal because:

  1. You assisted with getting the business ready to sell.  All the necessary paperwork and documentation was either created or collected by you and your client.
  2. With your guidance and …

Trusted Advisor: How To Assist Client with Sale of a Business

Oct. 27, 2020


Jim, a seasoned CPA, received a call from his client, Tom, who owns an oil and gas service business. Tom’s business provides oil and gas companies with oil well-related services. A few days prior to calling Jim, Tom had been approached by a national consolidator who was interested in purchasing Tom’s company which he had started 22 years ago.  Jim has been Tom’s trusted advisor and CPA for most of the company’s history. Tom explained he had been through several “oil price cycles” and was ready to cash-out through a sale.  As his trusted advisor, Tom asked Jim if he …


Why Business Planning with a CPA is Critical

Oct. 20, 2020


Brittany received a call from a major competitor who told her they were interested in discussing a possible merger between their two companies.  Brittany was flattered – this competitor was well-known and respected in the construction service business. After several phone calls and emails back and forth, Brittany decided it was in her and her family’s best interest to pursue this opportunity.  She was in her mid-50s and was getting tired of the grind after taking over the business from her father eighteen years ago.


Joel is Brittany’s CPA and one of her trusted advisors. Joel had been advising Brittany …


CPAs/Accountants: Best Advisory Service

Oct. 13, 2020


As an accounting professional, you are considered the small business owner’s "Most Trusted Advisor.”  This trust is earned, as you apply your skills and knowledge in combination with the necessary software applications you utilize to advise and assist your clients.


“The accounting profession must embrace both technology and the advisory side of the business to be truly successful in the future.”  - Eric Hansen, Previous Chairman of AICPA.


Introducing the accounting professionals’ new advisory tool – Mavrek. As your clients’ trusted advisor, you can now assist them with the process of selling or buying a small business and with the …


Why Mavrek?

Oct. 6, 2020


Everyone likes doing deals.  Yet, the small business owner, the very mainstay of the global economy, struggles to complete the sale or purchase of a business.  Why? People primarily use an anecdotal transactional process or even worse, the “flashlight in dark” method. Neither are effective, ergo the appalling nationwide successful closing ratio of ~25%.  


Yes, 3 out of 4 small business sales or purchases attempted, fail to close. This means that millions of transactions fail annually. The need for the Mavrek software came from our actual M&A process and real problems we have encountered with hundreds of transactional participants. Mavrek …


How To Market Your Business For Sale

Sept. 29, 2020


Before marketing a business for sale with Mavrek, ensure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Register with the Mavrek software to help you sell your business.
  2. Complete the “Business Profile” and solicit advice from a trusted advisor.
  3. Prepare the business for sale with Mavrek using the in-app templates and upload deal documentation to the Mavrek secure data room. 
  4. Explore valuations with your trusted advisor and obtain a range of value for your business you believe is fair.

If you do not already have a qualified buyer that is interested in buying your business, you are now ready to begin marketing …

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